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Selling Your Cards

You've switched the site into Buylist mode. To sell cards to us, just search for the cards that you you'd like to sell, add them to your Buylist Cart, and check out.  

Please package your cards securely, completely de-sleeved, sorted in the order they appear on your receipt, and include a printout of that receipt in your package. Failure to do this may result in a delay in processing your order. To help prevent any damage to your cards in transit, we highly recommend using some form of support in your packaging. This can include top loaders or cardboard spacers. We will not be held liable for shipping damage or loss, so we advise using tracking and/or insurance when shipping us high value cards. Please note, buylist prices may change if a significant amount of time passes between the submission of your buylist and the postmark on your package. Mail your cards to:
1051 W Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657

Condition and Grading
We accept cards in all conditions, so please make sure to select the correct condition for each card you'd like to sell to us when submitting your buylist. Our buyers will verify the stated conditions upon receipt, and the prices will be adjusted accordingly for differing grades. Here is the breakdown of what we pay based on the condition of the card:

NM: 100%
LP: 90%
MP: 80%
HP: 60% 
Damaged: 25%
If your cards don't meet their stated condition, and you are unwilling to accept our reduced offer, your cards will be mailed back to you at your own expense.
Store Credit
If you're planning to buy cards from us and would prefer store credit for your buylist order, you will receive an extra 20% on top of the stated cash buylist price. Just choose "Store Credit" during checkout, and we'll automatically apply the bonus when we add the store credit to your account.


***We reserve the right to reject any buylist submissions***